1. Make sure to keep a safe distance between flammable objects (papers, plastics) and fire sources (portable heater, stove top)
  2. Immediately report any suspicious activity going on around your house or in the neighborhood
  3. Never leave your keys in “inconspicuous” hiding spots; under the mat is not safe!
  4. To prevent against fire, be certain you have no more than 1 high-watt appliance plugged into a single outlet
  5. Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors monthly
  6. Don’t walk in or near alleys, hidden pathways or in dimly lit parking lots, especially not at night
  7. Keep an emergency kit equipped with batteries, flashlights and first aid essentials in your car and home
  8. Before drinking, set yourself a limit and be sure to stick to it! Let your friends know so they can check you as well
  9. Always lock your room, even if you’re leaving for just a minute
  10. Conceal any money, valuables or important documents in a locked container and don’t tell anyone about it
  11. Make sure your roommate or friend knows your schedule and let them know of any plans so they can make sure you’re safe and check up on you
  12. Install door and window alarms and make sure they are working perfectly
  13. If lighting a candle, wait for a few seconds after blowing it out to make sure the flame doesn’t reignite
  14. Before leaving your room, double check all appliances (like curling irons or chargers) and make sure nothing is plugged in
  15. Be aware of your res. hall or apartment’s fire escape plan and if your off-campus housing doesn’t have one, create one!
  16. Before drinking, plan your transportation and determine a sober driver
  17. Sober or not, always travel in pairs with people your are familiar with and trust; never walk alone at night especially not if you’ve been drinking or you’re with a stranger
  18. Never let a stranger pour your drink; before drinking, you should know the contents of the cup and who prepared the drink
  19. If you leave your cup for even a moment, throw it out; it takes only a second to tamper with somebody’s drink
  20. If you have trouble controlling yourself while drinking, don’t go to an event where alcohol will be present
  21. Sex drunk will ruin the funk. Know the flow, sober consent is the way to go.
  22. Stay alive, don’t drink and drive
  23. When you choose to booze, and cruise, you lose.
  24. Rethink that drink
  25. Know Your Pleasure Zone
  26. Just think, you can’t consent if you drink.
  27. Here’s the rule, sober consent is the only consent that’s cool.
  28. Driving drunk it is a KILLER disease.
  29. A designated driver, a friend for life.
  30. Make it a night to remember, not a night to forget. You can only consent sober.
  31. Engagement in sex is just not your call, sober consent above all.
  32. Moderation – the key to success.
  33. The driver is safer when the roads are dry; the roads are safer when the driver is dry.
  34. Driving under the influence, you can find yourself under arrest.
  35. Rethink your 4th drink, consider moderation.
  36. Allow life to thrive, don’t drink and drive.
  37. Sober or Get Pulled Over
  38. Don’t get Super Smashed Bros.
  39. Operation Moderation
  40. Always respect the rights of individuals refusing to drink
  41. Never be afraid to say no
  42. Always keep an eye out for your friends; make sure they aren’t drinking too much and keep them safe
  43. Know the symptoms of alcohol poisoning
  44. Keep your car keys near your bed when you sleep and hit the panic button if you hear something outside
  45. If you don’t have an alarm system, at least purchase the decal to ward off intruders
  46. If you and your roommates are leaving for a weekend, make sure to have lights and radios set to a timer to give the appearance of a full house
  47. If not home, arrange for a neighbor to check your house and pick up your mail
  48. Install blinds or shades on all windows so nobody can see inside
  49. Close all blinds/shades when going out and at night
  50. Never let anybody into the building that you don’t know or can’t identify
  51. Go to the laundry room with a friend so you’re not alone
  52. Try to avoid stairs if you’re alone; staircases are common places for assault
  53. When out, never leave a note on your door telling mailmen to leave mail at a specified location
  54. Get to know your neighbors and people on your floor and building. This will make it easier to spot strangers.
  55. When you get back home, the first thing you should do is check all doors/windows for evidence of tampering
  56. Do not update your social media status with your location.
  57. Do not put your personal information (address, phone number, etc.) on your social media. T
  58. Park in well lit, highly visible areas
  59. If a roommate loses the key to your apartment, get all the locks switched; keeping the same locks gives any stranger access to your house
  60. Protect yourself by downloading these apps: bSafe and Panic Guard; they track your location, alert authorities and record your attacker
  61. 1 in 4 students say drinking has negatively impacted their academics and 1 in 3 student skip class due to substance abuse: don’t be one of the them!
  62. Even if you don’t know them, if you see somebody tampering with a person’s drink or making a person feel uncomfortable, step in and stop them!
  63. Save all emergency phone numbers in your phone
  64. When going out on a date, tell your friends your location, your date’s contact information and what time you plan to be back
  65. Always keep your phone fully charged when going out with somebody you don’t know very well
  66. When taking prescription medication, make sure you take only the require dosage; if you’re unclear, call up the doctor or don’t take any, either is better from taking too much
  67. Make sure to read all your medication information and especially make sure if you can drink while taking it
  68. Before taking any OTC drugs, check to make sure they have not expired
  69. Avoid going to the ATM when it’s dark out and you’re alone
  70. Scammers target college students so frequently check your bank statements
  71. Using your friend’s prescription medication could get not only you, but them in trouble as well
  72. When leaving a location to your car, have your keys already in your hands to quickly get in your car
  73. If you’re going to be studying late or out late, arrange for somebody to pick you up as opposed to taking public transportation
  74. If you feel somebody is following you, walk into an open business and alert the authorities and arrange for a ride
  75. Nobody will judge you if you don’t drink
  76. If you’re going out with somebody you just met, try arranging a double date or group outing
  77. Never tell your date your address until you really know them
  78. If a person is making you uncomfortable, feel free to excuse yourself
  79. Make sure you don’t have any loose wires around your apartment, neatly tuck them away
  80. Always use a surge protector
  81. Try to avoid drinking games or competitions; they can often lead to excessive alcohol consumption
  82. Drink slowly, it can often take 60-90 minutes for you to feel the effects of alcohol on the body
  83. The app Circle of 6 allows you to make groups with your friends and alert them with a call or text with your location telling them to get you from a dangerous situation
  84. If you take a taxi or an Uber to any location at night, ask your driver to just wait for a few seconds until you get inside
  85. Before getting out of your car, check your surroundings for any suspicious activity; if you see something wrong, stay in your car
  86. Use the buddy system at all times whether that be at the gym, at a party or going to class
  87. Follow your instincts: if you don’t feel good or feel unsafe, then leave that situation immediately
  88. Only go to ATMs that are inside secure locations, like the Student Center, and never count cash in public
  89. Alcohol is the substance most commonly associated with sexual assault so know your limits and keep yourself safe
  90. Always leave a few room’s lights on at night but make sure all the windows are covered
  91. If your house has any overgrown shrubbery blocking your view through the window or concealing a walkway, ask your landlord to remove it
  92. Make sure the house you’re interested in has deadbolts on the entry and exit doors
  93. Make sure you can see visitors from a peephole or through the window; if you can’t see who rang or knocked, don’t open the door
  94. Invest in a laptop lock for your room and use it when going out to a library or a common lounge
  95. Any valuables in your car should be taken out when you leave or completely concealed
  96. You should feel comfortable asking your landlord to change or rekey the locks before moving in
  97. If you come home and see signs of entry or foul play, call the police and do not enter the house
  98. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house if you and your roommates are going to be gone for an extended period of time
  99. Rather than keeping items of value in your house (if you can’t get a safe), consider renting a safety deposit box at a bank
  100. Protect the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you use with our ATM card.